Once upon a time there was a girl. She got married. Then one day her husband decided that marriage was too hard and he wanted a divorce. So she decided to write about it.

If you’re wondering who the heck I am, read on. If not, please feel free to start from the beginning and work your way through my messy life. I love comments, but only nice ones. If you’d like to share personal experiences, thoughts, or quotes please leave them for all of us to read. If it’s a bit personal, but you still want me to read it, shoot me an e-mail //// jackieo_16@hotmail.com

My name is Arin. I’m 21 years old. I’m married, sort of…. My life is a little on the complicated side, but then again who’s isn’t.

arinI have always thought that blogging was a waste of time. Just another fad that has come with our ever-changing world. Jeggings, neon clothing, blogging – all things that I believed I would stay FAR away from. The truth is, I have had a major life altering, path changing, turning a corner even though I don’t want to experience; and for some reason I feel like I am supposed to share my story.

I would be more than thrilled if I touched even just one persons life. I’m not very confident that that will occur, but I do believe that putting my experiences out into the abyss of the internet just might help me to find some semblance of logic in all this mess. Mostly this will be a compilation of my rantings, a few funny stories, and probably a whole slew of references to my dog. While I’m currently 21 years old I feel as if I’m at least 45 – wisdom wise of course. I love the color yellow, I almost always have my nose in a book, and  I live and die by chocolate. I run. I want to learn how to box. I have a dog. I’m a daughter, a niece, a friend, and an ex-wife. The ex-wife portion is what my rantings will mostly focus on. While I use the word “rantings” this truly is supposed to consist of positive thoughts. The only problem that I seem to be running into is that what I want to tell you is about my life, and my life is not always positive. I won’t try to be depressing. No need to go running to your doctor or shrink (I can say that because I have both of those). I will be real though. I will be blunt, and I will probably shed a few tears on my keyboard…Taylor Swift should write a song about that for me. I want to convey some of the lessons I’ve learned, and am currently learning, in the hopes that someone can benefit from my honesty. I’m pretty sure that the person who will benefit the most from it is named Arin. She tends to not acknowledge the obvious. Silly girl. Any who, this is my story, and I’m sticking to it.


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